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Once contracts are signed, design is approved and the 1st deposit is made. We will start getting proper paperwork for pulling our pool permit. During the process of approval for permits we will begin the layout stage and get work days scheduled.


At this time we’ll meet with the homeowner and layout design the you’ve chosen. Now would be they time to make any changes.  Take note it maybe additional cost if changes are made after this stage.


Once we get final layout, we start excavation. In the stage the pool will be formed up and set to proper elevations. Pools formed 1 ft bigger and 9 inches to 1 ft deeper for proper installation for gunite.


All pipes are stubbed through the wall that are return lines. Main drain system is installed in deep and bottom and through the skimmer housing shell. Skimmer is shot in a 2x2 housing. Bubblers and light stub outs will be placed at this time.


After excavation we apply 3/8 rebar. Rebar is tied 8 in to 10 in square throughout the entire pool. Its then lifted its called the floating cage, distributed in center of gunite.


After rebar stage everything will be double checked and inspected by our team. Then layout proper bonding and call for inspection on proper bonding. Bonding the pool is important and needs to be done and passed before gunite can be applied.


We use real gunite(no shot concrete). Gunite is a mason and portland cement special blend wet at the nozzle when shot in. Walls and floors are shot from 9 to 12 inches thick with rebar position in specific location to create maximum strength. After pool is shot, we ask that you water down the pool for the next 7 days to help the curing process. It takes 28 days for gunite to properly cure.


At this stage we install the water line tile and coping around pool area. All tile and coping will be placed in additional spots if needed.


Plumbing is installed from pool to desired location for pool equipment. Any waterfalls, special features, slides, etc. Will be installed at this time as well.


Concrete are formed and area planned for concrete will be grade 4’ and 5 inches thick with wire mesh steel for extra strength. Its finish with a light broom finish and saw cuts from 6 to 8 ft minimum. We also apply spray deck textures if that is in your contract at this time.


Pool Eq will be installed to proper positioning. Electrical will be hooked up to pool EQ. Electrical is an additional charge, it's not included in your quote or price.


With color of your choice plaster is applied ½ to 1 inch thick throughout the pool interior. After our 28th curing date plaster will be applied. This is a one-day process, after plaster crew is finish...pool is ready to be filled.


This is our final stage and time to say our goodbyes. Pool will be inspected to customers liking. A walk through on pool operations will be held at this time and any final cleanups will take place if needed.

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